Using Cross Border Matchmaker Online Events

If this is your first time:

  • This is best used on Chrome and on a Laptop or Computer.
  • No software/app to download. It can work on mobile
  • This doesn’t seem to work on Chinese internet, sorry!
  • We recommend having at least 8mbps for the Conference.

Watch as video below, or scroll past the video for the text version 🙂

Before the Event

Before The Event –
Join 15 minutes before the event is to start – so you can make sure your microphone and video is working.
Have your profile info ready – this is best with a quick profile photo , you can also link to your linkedin, website, and even a calendar booking link – so people can click your profile and find more about you.

Ask which table you’d like to join – if you are in a paid or member event – we want to help you before the event by arranging tables. Ask the community management team on which tables are available. If you are attending a free event, most likely we will not have pre-arranged tables due to lack of time and resources.

Be ready to NETWORK – this is not a typical online event where you listen to a speaker the whole time and have 1 chat box. This is where you will form mini tables of 2 to 6 people and can see and talk to only those people. Then when the event/presentation starts- all need to focus on that presentation area. So be ready to engage and connect to make the most of the event.

Most events have event networking, then a presentation, and then post event networking. Similar to a real in-person event.

During the Event

During the Event –
There are some unique functions:
Whiteboard – so each table has their own whiteboard. This is where all those at the table can draw, add sticky notes, and other ideas.

Three types of chat – there is private (1 to 1) messaging, there is global messages (all tables / attendees can see) and then there is a more unique one – which is table messaging – so only those at that table (of 2 to 6 people) will see the chat messages.

Q&A – you can ask questions during presentation mode. The speaker(s) can mark them answered when ready. Also other participants can upvote them. You can also ask anonymously if you are shy.

After the Event

After the Event –
If you enjoyed the event – a testimonial would be much appreciated. You can also do it during the event as well.

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