Create Valuable, Lifelong, Cross Border Business Relationships

The Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is a full day international expert conference. We take experts from various specialties and regions and let business owners book round tables with them.


Cross Border Matchmaker

The Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is an annual conference happening each October in Shenzhen, China. It brings together top Chinese and International Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce players to discuss current issues and trends in the cross-border e-commerce industry. If you want to make lifelong quality relationships in the industry, this is the event to attend!

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Doing Cross Border Business?

The Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is an annual conference. It brings together top Chinese and International Amazon FBA sellers and e-commerce players to discuss current issues and trends in the cross-border e-commerce industry. If you want to make lifelong quality relationships in the industry, this is the event to attend!

Cross Border Matchmaker

Tired Of The Same Old Name Card Event?

We are too! This is an event to super-connect you. Meet business executives that have specific goals and make lasting relationships.

The concept is simple: presentations from quality service providers and suppliers combined with booths & networking, direct in China.

Are you looking to hear stories and case studies from top Amazon FBA sellers (both Chinese and international sellers)? Want to checkout the latest in e-commerce marketplaces and new product designs for your e-commerce business? Doing import and export and looking for more ways to distribute your product, new channels, new product lines, new business opportunities?

This is exactly what Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is all about! We gather new product designs, new updates in B2C and B2B product marketplaces and line them up for you to consume and connect with.

Leverage this so that you can stay on top of the latest product trends and marketplace updates – direct from the source.

  • Direct from inside China
  • Direct from the sellers, supplier, and the marketplaces own mouths!

We are building up a new type of event, around finding new opportunities, bridging borders, and making business deal flow happen in the cross-border e-commerce and trade industry.

Photos From a Cross-Border Matchmaker

Great Experience With Previous Events

“watch this conference by Michael here in China. Reminds me a lot of what Loic and Martin is doing at with doing a high quality, extremely curated speakers and audience” – Tak Lo

“I was speaking there last year, and it was pretty well organized.” – Renaud Anjoran Smart China Sourcing

” The first annual Cross Border Summit was an action packed day of learning and networking with other e-commerce and international business traders” – Shenzhen Party


“I’m having a great, great time [at the Cross Border Summit]

So much useful information they are sharing.” – From China With Love

Our Cross Border Summit Event Mentioned in Forbes!


“Cross Border Summit: Held in Shenzhen, China, on 21-22 April, 2017, this event encourages international participation among industry leaders in cross border commerce between China and the rest of the world with content related to marketing, management, manufacturing, and technology. There are numerous roundtable discussions and networking sessions to encourage collaboration and idea generation. This event is hosted by Global From Asia, which also has a fantastic podcast about doing business in China.”

– 12 Business Conferences In China You Should Attend
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Meet Quality People

Don’t waste time in Asia talking to talkers! Instead, meet high level and qualified business owners at our closed event!

Quality, Private Content

Hear from speakers who have been in your shoes. Sharing insights and battle stories that are not common to be found anywhere online!

Cross-Border Matchmaker

Get matched up with like minded business owners at our cross-border matchmaker salon. We have break out sessions to cover the many different industries and business models you are in.

Here’s The Matchmaker Formula

  • Presentations

    Each session is focused on a specific industry or topic. This ensures that the attendees coming know what to expect and there is a common trend among those who attend.

  • Ask, Q&A

    The audience can ask questions to the company after their session. Get insights and perspectives from various backgrounds on how to leverage this company for your business.

  • Connections

    We have booths on site for you to find the right service provider or innovative product for your growing cross-border eBusiness.

  • Networking & Deals

    Have time to find the speakers and their team. Take action right then and there and get your accounts setup on the marketplace or make distribution deals.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Here’s what previous GFA event attendees have to say.

“My key takeaway from the event is that it was a way for me, a newcomer to Shenzhen, to meet a bunch of great people, network like crazy, create new business opportunities, and even make a few friends.”

Eric Braa

“Conference was well organized with credible speakers that have various skillsets required to support and manage smaller and mid size e-commerence operations. “

David Wand
Zhongshan, China

“I’m fully confident Mike’s training can help many exporters and importers who are aiming to develop their markets in or out of China.”

Ssicy Lo
Shenzhen, China

Amazing Speaker Sessions


“Earlier this year I attended the annual Cross Border Summit hosted by the Global from Asia crew. The Summit had everything we expected and more: informative speakers, break-out sessions, interesting panel speakers, and an espresso machine that always had a line.

My key takeaway from the event is that it was a way for me, a newcomer to Shenzhen, to meet a bunch of great people, network like crazy, create new business opportunities, and even make a few friends.

Mike Michelini and his team were awesome, but it didn’t end only with the conference like a lot of events do. I’ve been able to join other business leaders in a newly formed mastermind group, been invited to take part in cross border trips and meetups, and of course I’m definitely marking my calendar for next year’s Cross Border Summit! “

Eric Braa
Director of Sales & Founding Partner

Silicon Valley based GetScale Inc.


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I thought the (Qianhai trip) was really excellent! Especially the guy from the Chinese government. He didn’t just read from a powerpoint, but explained it in great detail and really knew his stuff.

– Chris Davey.


Frequently Asked Questions

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It was great to attend the Cross Border Summit. Personally for me it was the perfect bridge between manufacturing and selling products in and to China. Most valuable for me was to get solutions from specialist and keynote speakers directly one on one.

– Stephan Thaerigen.


What People Are Saying About The Matchmaker

Here’s some testimonials from previous Cross Border Matchmaker Attendees:

Who Should Attend the Cross Border Matchmaker?

So who is this event for? We aim to help small to medium sized business owners doing e-commerce, import and export, and other fields that require them to deal with multiple countries, currencies, cultures, and complexities.

If you are buying and selling from a company outside of your home country, and it is an important part of what your business does, then you should be attending the Cross Border Matchmaker.

As an Amazon FBA e-commerce business owner doing deals in other countries, sometimes it feels like a leap of faith. As you do it more and more you gain confidence, but still wonder if there are better tactics and strategies for your cross border business practices.

Why You Should Attend?

So think you fit the profile of an international business owner. Looking for more reasons to come? Well, let’s keep it short and to the point:

  • Learn: Keep up with the latest trends in the industry and hear from industry experts.
  • Network: Shake hands with the speakers, as well as the wide range of business attendees from all parts of the globe.
  • Discounts: Receive special attendee discounts for new products and services that are announced during the event.
  • Gain Confidence: Rest assured that you have been doing your global business in the correct way, or find out you’ve been making a mistake for years and can finally correct it!

The organizers at Cross Border Summit work hard to find the right balance of learning and networking. You’ll have plenty of chances to hear amazing speeches, as well as fun and interactive sessions to find others in your industry.

When and Where?

The Cross Border Matchmaker currently takes place each October in Shenzhen, China – right across from the Hong Kong border. We like to hold it in the month of October, as there are a lot of trade shows happening and people are already visiting Asia for their global business.

Many have requested it to be held more often and in more locations. Stay tuned for updates on that as the event grows and expands.

How To Attend The Next Cross Border Matchmaker?

So you’re sold and can’t wait to attend! Then let’s get you plugged in.

Our next event is in October 2019, and we have a dedicated page all about the speakers, agenda, location, all by invite only.

Last year’s event sold out and we had an amazing time! This year many attendees are returning and telling their friends – so we strongly encourage you to lock in your ticket as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and missing out!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us – we look forward to building a great event of global business owners!

Videos and Media Coverage

Watch a few clips of previous Cross Border Summits and the media coverage, both formal and video blog!

Let’s Get You Involved!

There are plenty of ways you and your organization can get involved with the Cross Border Matchmaker as well as other Global From Asia initiatives. Check out a few of them below, as well as instructions on how to make it a reality!

Want To Be A Speaker?

We are always looking for experts and top speakers to share about new trends and technology in cross-border business.

Want To Be a Sponsor?

We work hard to cooperate with top brands and service providers in the cross-border business world. We have this Cross Border Summit event as well as other events and media channels for us to bundle together. Let’s get a conversation going.

Want To Organize One In Your Region?

We are getting requests from around the globe- UK, Australia, California, Florida in USA, Singapore , Shanghai, China and more – contact us and let’s talk bout opening up more of these Cross Border MatchMakers in your region.