Make Cross Border Business Deals

Take action, make lasting relationships.

Keep better track of your international business relationships.

Cross Border Matchmaker is a source of tools and knowledge
and events for making better international relationships.

Track Relationships

You need to focus on quality and depth – that is what counts long term.

Manage Longterm

Once you have all your business deals going and making moves, how do you manage?

Increase Positioning

What will you do to grow your foundation and enhance growth?

Filing System

How will you manage all these business cards, catalogs, and Wechat messages?

Optimize Deals

Once you are making money from these international contacts, how do you stay ahead?

Scheduling Deals

We all focus on making new relationships, when actually we should focus on improving ones we have.

Have a Plan

Go to a trade show with a goal

Track Better

Have a system for remembering

Optimize More

Know where to put name cards

Follow Up

Money is in the follow up

Make Cross Border Deals & Start Winning!

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