Sponsor An Upcoming
Online Cross Border Matchmaker!

Are you in the cross-border business industry and
want to reach more in the community?

Do you want more exposure and eyeballs on your business and brand?

The Online Cross Border Matchmaker is not your typical online event. We are all about small groups and interactions. From 1 on 1 business speed dating to tables of up to 6 - our events have gotten amazing feedback.

Combining our community with our offline (in-person) event experience to this new online networking solution, we believe it will be magic for the community- and you as a sponsor.

A Word From Our Founder

We are starting to adapt to the online world and feel it will continue longer than we originally anticipated.

We are starting to bring our main events online - starting with a larger Cross Border Matchmaker for end of December 2020. It will be an event to wrap up the year - learn new strategies - but most importantly


We have found and setup a new online event organizing software that allows a large group of online attendees to form smaller groups, from 1 on 1, to tables of 4, 6, to 8 people - to talk in video with only those people.

Early stage tests we have done shows a huge engagement with people wanting more.


We are looking for sponsors to partner with us on this. The sponsor area on the online event is very clearly shown as a banner on the main page, with an online event booth for you and your team to join in and talk to people. It even automatically collects leads of those people who enter your booth area.

We will thank you for sponsoring at the beginning of the event and have you introduce yourself and your company - just like a real event - and promote having people join your booth.

Further down on this page, we will show some example screenshots and layout of how it will work

Also we will include you in the marketing materials leading up to the event.

About The CBM Event

Planned for Thursday December 17, 2020
with pre-event Wednesday December 16, 2020

Targets Cross Border Trade Community

Amazon FBA sellers, B2B traders with Asia and the international market, marketing consultants in the industry.

200 Person
Online Event

Join this event in the comforts of you own home. Interact with cross border experts and leaders from different countries.

Virtual Event Venue

Multiple “floors” of networking and connecting. Form smaller groups to talk in video with only those people.

1 Full Day of Learning

1 full day event mixing learning (expert live sharing) and networking (round tables and 1 on 1 speed dating sessions)

Pre-event Networking

Pre-events leading up to the event to build awareness and show the unique value of the networking and community.


December 16, 2020 (China Time)



December 17, 2020 (China Time)



So How Does It Work For Sponsors?

By backing the Online Cross Border Matchmaker - you will gain the following:

Your Brand on All Pre-Event Marketing Materials

As we promote the event online - your brand will be placed on the posters and other marketing materials leading up to the event.

Your Banner On the Event Floor Plan

Similar to an offline / in-person event, you will have your logo displayed for others to see. This is not your typical “printed poster” but instead has a popup ability where you can embed a video, poster, and a button to have the visitor go to your website or a landing page of your choice. Here is an example:

A Virtual Booth / Table At the Event

If you want to have you or your team attend the event - we can setup a virtual booth - just like a normal in person event.

There is even a bit more tech in this - allowing you to automatically capture the leads who attend your booth so you can have that list of leads once the event wraps up.

Speaker Chance

Speaking at Pre-Event or During the Live Event.

Depending on your sponsor package, you can also get additional exposure speaking during the live presentations.

Shout Outs

Shout Outs and Thank You At Event

We will also thank the sponsors continually during the event, and offer various giveaways and promotions to make this as worthwhile as possible for all attending.

Want More Info & Pricing?

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Confirmed? Here Are The Graphics Needed

We will need 3 graphics:

  • Your company logo in high res (for posters and marketing materials)
  • Banner: 166 x 100 pixel
  • Promo Graphic: 435 x 300 pixel

Below is an example - notice it has a special discount offer - not simply their logo and branding.