Online Cross Border Matchmaker – Why?!

Hi, I’m Mike Michelini, founder and host of Global From Asia. Many years ago, we started to host events – in-person, live events in Shenzhen and other parts in the South of China.

Now we are moving online – in a big way – and I want to explain it a bit in today’s video.

We will cover why these Online Cross Border Matchmakers events are not your normal few speakers and mass amount of people listening and chatting – but rather taking more key elements of an online event and bringing it online.

More specifically – the networking, speed business dating, and round table sessions.

Which is the core of what the “Cross Border Matchmaker” is all about.

What Makes The Online Cross Border Matchmaker Different From Other Online Events

Whether it is online or offline – the Cross Border Matchmaker (CBM) is more about networking than speakers.

Sure, we need speakers and content and knowledge sharing – but you can get that on the Global from Asia podcast and many other online channels.

So these is about a floor plan, a room of tables – from groups of up to 6, to 1 on 1 speed business dating tables.

When you join a table, you are in a conversation only with those on that table. Video, audio, even whiteboard and stick notes – all to engage and share with a smaller group and make relationships.

Timers, themed tables, and a great group of other attendees makes the event special.

What To Expect When Joining

So be ready to ENGAGE And CONNECT.

Have a profile photo ready and be ready to share your “virtual name card” in a room full of amazing people.

Hop from table to table in the networking mode.

WE will have some speakers and presentation – so after some networking and mingling, we will notify you of the presentation that will start.

Once it starts- all the table modes will turn off and we will focus on the presentation.

After presentation, some Q&A and polls, like a normal session.

And like an offline event, we will go back to everyone’s favorite – networking mode! Tables will be turned on again and you can hop from table to table to catch up with people on various topics and formats.

How to Join The Online Cross Border Matchmaker

We have a “getting started” tutorial and video here ( for the technical requirements and features – but essentially we will have various style CBM events.

Many are member only for our GFAVIP membership, but on a regular basis we will host larger scale online CBM sessions.

These will be paid events where you signup in advance, let us know a bit about you and your goals and who you want to meet – and then we work to get you setup on hyper-focused tables.

If you want to get on the list – and be updated on upcoming events – fill out the form here

We are Excited To Have You – Let’s Make Quality, Online, Business Connections

This is about networking and making connections, online.

Our community at Global From Asia has hosted multiple “in person / offline” Cross Border Matchmakers, and is bringing that magic to this online event.

Because when it comes down to it – it is about meeting quality business owners doing cross border business.

That is what our job is, and we are excited to bring this to you in an interactive, online format.

See you at the next Cross Border Matchmaker.